Verse to Voice

The Space Between (2012)

Song List

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  1. Time - (listen)
  2. Tides - (listen)
  3. The Lines We Cross - (listen)
  4. Gone is the Ocean - (listen)
  5. The Endless Night - (listen)
  6. Anisa's Song - (listen)
  7. Ocean Wide - (listen)
  8. The Fire Burns - (listen)
  9. Falls with the Sand - (listen)
  10. Alone by the Phone - (listen)


After many miles of travel, playing with different musicians, and experimenting with different sounds I decided to record some of the music that I had written over the past three years. Topics of love, environment, greed and death are all painted throughout the seams of the album.

The concept originally began as a 5 song EP but soon ballooned to around 20 songs and eventually was trimmed to the track list sold today. Verse to Voice - The Space Between is designed to complement the novel written with the same name.