Verse to Voice - The Space Between

art. ecology. travel. poetry.


"18890 km's I travelled one year. One year without boundaries. One year opened like a white canvas. I walked into the desert of life, picked a direction and went. The start of the journey was the end of an old life, a life controlled by money, a life within the lines."

  • Hello dawn can I enter?
  • Hello death is your door open?
  • We leave the shoreline and swim out
  • The ocean is vast and dangerous
  • Waves crash but the air is clear
  • We help each other stay afloat
  • The outer rim is gone and the chains are released
  • Flight seems imminent, the eyes see the sun
  • Have you prepared for such a voyage?
  • Are you ready? Now enter the garden


Verse to Voice - The Space Between originally was going to be a poetry book that would support the lyrical content of the album I recorded, but after searching through numerous pictures and stories and people I encountered on my journeys I decided it would best be served as a novel with these elements sewn in between. For example, I felt like I would be able to describe in detail the rain forest experience in Costa Rica or the Jungle madness in Kauai easier in a novel format. Ultimately, it was a true battle to explore and exploit all these memories and experiences and ended up taking a lot longer than usual to conceive. It was worth it. - DW Singleton.

  • never trust a man in a suit
  • and always check the soil before eating the fruit
  • the leach needs his blood
  • the leech talks a lot about love
  • unable to see but silently obscene
  • the leech is a shadow without a screen
  • exposed to the sunlight his suit dries tight
  • pulled from the swamp, his suction loses bite
  • poor the salt of mistrust and grab back your loot
  • and remember, never trust a man in a suit