How did you end up here?

Were you searching the vast unending webfuck of digital chaos.

Welcome to the middle, a dream within a dream and a project that knows no bounds. True art, not owned by corporate maggots, not processed solely by robots, and not censored by the ever darkening future.

Society has slipped, lost touch with the riot within. Unable to question, it does not want to be challenged. Instead, the machine keeps it's eyes closed, mind distracted, and slowly walks forward down a single line. Leave the shore and swim out.



Oil on canvas and digital artworks

I find inspiration from the scenery and landscapes of earth.



The Invermere Fog (Coming Soon) and The Space Between (2012)

I've began slowly working with acoustic sounds that will accompany the new upcoming book. Many song frames just no clear images yet. I'm working with sounds that will go with the topics, simple and stripped down so the words shine through.



The Invermere Fog (coming soon) and The Space Between (2012)

I'm about to embark on the long journey for my next project "The Invermere Fog". I recently returned from some travel. Not necessarily physical travel but more travel within the mind and into the unknown. The goal is to get out to the perimeter, then return to the typewriter.